19 dezembro 2014

Die So Fluid - Violent Delights

Música do álbum 'The Opposites Of Light' pela banda  Die So Fluid.

Site para obter mais informações: http://diesofluid.bandcamp.com/album

Veja matéria especial sobre a banda no link: http://santuariodometal.blogspot.com.br/2014/01/die-so-fluid.html


had a love who cared for me 

more than the world, and all believed him. 

He had two faces only I could see. 
The lily floats on dead black water. 

Run away, run away. 
Far from here. 

He held a knife up to my throat 
and drew my blood with each embrace. 

Violent delights have violent ends 
when your whole life on lust depends. 

Run away, run away. 
Far from here. 

Don't turn back in fear. 
Only you can save yourself.

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