08 julho 2012

tales of dark

TALES OF Dark é uma banda de  doom / death metal de Novi Sad (Sérvia), formada em 2001.

Nesse tempo a banda já gravou um CD demo, dois álbuns completos, teve muitos shows interessantes,  apareceu na rádio nacional e vários programas de TV, fez uma série de entrevistas publicadas em várias revistas, fanzines e webzines, todos com o propósito de introduzir a banda para um grande público nacional.


Arpad Takac : Vocal
Darko Stojanovic : Bateria
Andras Ispan : Baixo
Nikola Cavar : Guitarra
Kristijan Zavodski : Guitarra
Jovana Karajanov : Vocal
Davor Menzildzic : Teclados


Tales Of Dark : U Kori Tame

U Kori Tame


1. Forever
2. U Kori Tame
3. Prophecy
4. Epilogue: Eve of Faithloss

Tales Of Dark : Fragile Monuments

Fragile Monuments

CD, 2006 

1. Via Descendens
2. Mephistorium
3. Of Grandiose Fevers and Passion Arcane
4. Luciferian Elegy
5. Towering Grief Behemoth
6. Serpent Wisdom

Tales Of Dark : Perdition Calls

Perdition Calls

CD, 2009

1. Wretched Fate for All07:30
2. Allegoria of an Eternal Sundown06:28
3. Sounds of the Ravage07:55
4. Unassembled05:08
5. The Crown of Venomous Silence05:53
6. Soft Pluvia Murmurs Piano09:21
7. Hollow05:36
8. The Majestic Nothingness09:17
9. From Scarveiled Hearts06:34
Total playing time01:03:42

Site oficial: www.talesofdark.org


Reach the ancient heart of the stygian obscurity
Wherein all the names of mine are written
In pits profound,where festered dreams sigh
And longings scorched seek reason to return.
Admire the flame flowered mansions arcane
The sulfurous secrets gowned in rapture profane
Fear not the fire of all-knowing wisdom
Furiously burning with such ravishing splendour.

On the wings of my most fervent passion
Which the fools dare name blasfemia
To thee I have returned from the heart-dead sunworms domain
A coffin-shaped lair they have woven around me
For I've pledged no allegiance
To their fabulous sacred theories
Those spurious servants of a crownless king
Who holds their cross in vain.

No Phoenix phenomenon shall their fall contain!
Leave their carcasses scattered and slain!

And now I'm visualised
To blind-faithed eyes
Lofty and proud, to be recognized.
As the mourning-scented bloodstorm winds
Of their final downfall blow
Like a nightclad werewolf upon the moonlit glade
I shall hunt them down in the snow.

...and the frostbitten ground
now consumes their wretched gore
My victorious hiss fulfills the oceans ethereal
And the stars gleam nameless above
As shadows call forth the seas of Cthulhu
Be wide awake my dearest
Of my fiery necromantic kiss!

Thine arms soothing around me enfold
To cease my yearning cursed
The sweetest witchcraft thy lips do hold
Can only quench my thirst.

'Neath the enchantingly blazing corona of night
drown thy desire into mine!
With all the senses cast to a feverous grandeur
In the sins of the flesh we entwine.

Eternally...We entwine...

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